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Smart and Modular Hydroponic

Shading System

The problem

Due to intense human activity, the urban environment is significantly hotter than its surroundings.
This problem is referred as UHI – Urban Heat Islands.

UHI impairs life quality in the urban surroundings and has direct impact on:
Energy consumption
Shading area shortage

Air pollution and lower air quality

The Solution

BioShade offers a novel biological shading solution by using a smart hydroponic system customized for shading plants.

BioShade automated system is powered by solar energy and able to interface to any construction or element in the city and turning it green,


Plants growing in BioShade systems have:

X2 enhanced growth rate
80% saving in water compared to soil irrigation

High survival rate without pests

Low maintenance 

BioShade systems create a shaded microclimate with a decrease of ~ 10 °C in physiological heat stress.
By placing BioShade on rooftops, you can save up to 27% of the a building's air cooling expenses.

BioShade's green infrastructure supply biological shade for UHI mitigation, air quality improvement and CO2  sequastration in the urban environment.

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