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Now is the time to Green Up: Cities Must Take Accountability for Their Impact on the Climate Crisis

Most recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC, showing alarming trends due to rising temperatures.

By taking into account the imminent rise of average global temperatures by 1.5°C we are expected to experience 2-4 times increase of #extremeheat waves or or up to 12(!!) times if reaching to a rise of 3°C.

Fires in #mediterranean Europe would account for up to 187% increase in burnt area.

The metrics for #biodiversity loss and #coralreefs degradation are truly frightening.*1

Table by: World Resources Institute

We know that cities are major drivers for the climate crisis responsible for ~70% of global CO2e emissions.*2

Fortunately, many cities around the world are already taking action and setting ambitious targets to increase their #vegetation cover and reduce #carbonfootprint.

Generated by Midjourney.

Prompt: realistic photo of raising extreme heat stress in cities with people

As an urban climate tech startup, our mission is to use innovation and technology to tackle the challenges of climate change. We believe that by developing and implementing #greeninfrastructure and #naturebasedsolutions at the city scale, we can mitigate the effects of the climate crisis in the urban environment and create resilient and sustainable future in cities.

Now is the time to Green Up & Cool Down our Cities.

Generated by DALL*E 2

Prompt: “an aerial realistic picture of New York's skyline with all the skyscrapers walls, rooftops and balconies are covered by green lush plants”

*1.https:// ,Table by World Resources Institute

*2.United Nations (2019). "Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction."




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